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So yeah it's my birthday. When I was younger,(I'm still young now, what I mean is... you know lol) I always thought that when I enter college I'll be able to be more mature, too bad I didn't. How come!? :o >> Is how my normal self perceive this.

How I see maturity before:
I see growing up as acting calmer.

How I see maturity now:
I see growing up, not as "physical and/or mental" maturity, but more of a responsibility increase on one's plate and able to handle that increase of responsibility effectively.

I know people who act like brats but can handle tons of 'resposibilities' thrown at them. The time I met people whose like that, I stopped stressing about it.

I still act childish and spoiled, however(I always anticipate the chance to say 'however' by the way.), I always make sure I do things in an appropriate manner and on schedule. I avoid making delays to make more use of my precious time and perceive mistakes as ways to train myself for the better.

You who's reading this, can you say that you're mature enough??

Mar. 2nd, 2014

Damn, haven't posted since 2008, looking back at my posts it seems like I wasn't my "self" back then. I was like "WTF am I saying". LOL

Anyway I'll be gone for like a week again, busy with college graduation and all that. Hopefully, I'll have the time to post on my blogs again. I've written materials for like the past few years but I haven't posted any of that here. Probably, I'll post it later if I can spare some time. :D

Comparison 101

I just realized how the lower section hates us yesterday on the hotel... I don't know why? They think so badly of us, they don't even know us.... I wonder why? I can't get much sleep last night because of it though I'm so tired...


The Band Got Named lolol~

hehehe, after a year thinking of a good name, we found one haha... before I tell you guys that... I'll talk about our band's history...

The band was formed on 2006 after watching a suck up (lol) band's jam... haha~

band's line-up(Unnamed that time)

middle of '06
Me (Vo/Gu)
Karl (Ba)
Robert (Gu)
Juan (Dr)

band's song covers

Chicosci songs (uncompleted covers)
MCR (uncompleted covers)

Me(Vo/Gu), Karl (Ba), Robert (Gu), come up something awesome like forming a band.... it didn't turn up well at first, since we don't have a drummer... then I asked some folks the other day if they know something who can play the drums... We found Juan(Dr), he's my classmate. We play post-hardcore songs, its not my type though, 'coz I'm more to visual kei, but... majority wins, what can I do?

And days past,
Karl kicked Robert out the band, I think its because he slacks off when we're planning to do a song cover or something...

We switched places when we met Eurenz and Cedric

so Eurenz played the drums, Cedric on the bass, Karl on the Lead guitars, Rhythm played by Juan, and yours truly on the mic.
Karl named the band "Break the November Fall"

Break the November Fall's line-up

ides of September:
Me (Vo)
Karl (LGu)
Juan (RGu)
Cedric (Ba)
Eurenz (Dr)

Break the November Fall's song covers

Kai - Maryzark
Last Time - Typecast
Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Until the Day I Die - Story of the Year
Such a Tragedy - From First to Last
From First to Last song's [uncompleted covers]
Stepping on your Rainbow - Faultline

Because of this "post-hardcore antics" we failed to play on the BoB event, well its okay for me, there's still another two BoB...
but... Karl got so emo-ish and he didn't showed up on our practice for 4 months, and it sucks because its about a girl who had a crush on me, and he's jealous, I already told him "its okay she's yours" and all, since I'm waiting for someone, too :'(

after our last cover (Stepping on your Rainbow) Karl left the band, he approached me and said "Let's disband"
"Okay" I replied, (inner self: we don't want an emo guitarist anyways -__-")
good thing my other bandmates isn't emo like him so we looked for another guitarist...

So we found a new guitarist from III - Elm, he was a transfer student, classmates with Ced and Eurenz, his name was Ivan... (inner self: I new it~!!! he was emo too -__-")

we started practicing for new song covers on October 2008... so I recommended this folks to change our music genre w/c they all agreed to after they hear some uniqueness to its style... visual kei... its jrock lolol~

it was december when our practice was delayed [[ http://enryuu-kousuke.livejournal.com/941.html ]]

so the band name was decided last Friday, February 20, i put a lil' french in it..

L'e Bleau Nightshade.... >> wtf?!?! haha

so they agreed... its not emo-ish haha...

L'e Bleau Nightshade's song covers

Escapism - An Cafe
Maple Gunman - An Cafe [intro cover for soundcheck.... pending song cover for next year's BoB]
Filth in the Beauty - the GazettE
Burial Applicant - the GazettE [uncompleted]
Leech - the GazettE [intro cover for soundcheck]
Umbrella  [cover(McFly/Vanilla Sky)]
Last Time - Typecast [revised and got stupid haha]

so that's that.... xD



Akalain mo nga naman mapili ka "Escort" sa 3rd year division,  tsk tsk....
puteek naman bat ako pa napili dami2x tao sa section namin ako pa napili
nyaay, wala na cla magawa, sana walang talent showcase or something.... sumabay ba naman sa Battle of the Bands nyak, dami ko dadaling damit, buti d aku sumali sa singing or dancing, kundi bagahe tlga dadalin ko asar haha...

ang kulet nung muse nung 4th yr - lacebark, nakarinig aku ng gsto ko marinig sa Q & A ung sa Bb. Pilipinas "Oh my God~!!"

so yung mga nanalo

pakitama kung me mali
>> 1st Year Division >> Pine (Escort and Muse)
>> 2nd Year Division >> Spruces and Willow (Escort and Muse respectively)
>> 3rd Year Division >> Oak (Escort and Muse)
>> 4th Year Division >> I forgot (Oh my God~!!)

haha so that's that

If you can't understand this blog, message me and I'll post a translation


My Birthday Means...

Based on your birthday ...

Although you are innocent and romantic but your expression often mislead others that you are an active, fun loving kid. Because of your double personality, it's hard for others to really know the real you. You are careful and patient. Your Love, Your love is the greatest which often surprises others. No one can bring you to light when you are in love. Your confidence might lead you to the track your parents disagree.

source: What Does My Birthday Mean? (A Facebook App) >> and why this is effing true? I can't believe it hahaha...

Your greatest STRENGTHS ...

Strongly loyal to family values.

note: where do they get these infos about me?!?!? -__-"

Your greatest WEAKNESS ...

Pessimistic, haughty and sometimes unsociable and miserly.

note: arrgh.... -___-" hey.... I'm generous ~!!! 
I feed school pigs!!!!!! -____-" that one is wrong -____-" or sometimes... maybe I am.... *confused*

Jobs you should pursue ...

Contractors, directors, architects, engineers and editors.

note: one of this "might" be true haha

scary.... lol .... hahaha....

Preparation for the Upcoming Events

List of Upcoming Events in School:

-Bunch of Contests (Singing, Dance, Declamation, etc....)
-JS Prom
-Foundation Day (3 days) >> i dunno if there's another muse and escort..... BOB, Dance Number (Every year level must perform a dance number, i know its a stupid thing to do ^^ xD)


good news for all participating bands in our school~

there's no effin' ELIMINATION~

side comment: Is that suppose to make me happy? We're gonna lose anyways, they want some "poop" rock for a band, like who cares if we don't play a poopish kind of music duh~

So we need to perform a dance huh?
the 3rd year level was cut in half, Oak (our section) and Cypress, then Elm(my other band mates section) and Firs.

I'm looking forward partnering with Elm or Firs, though we don't have a choice T_T oh well....

Good luck to our band and I'm special mentioning Janbert (good luck with yer partner, have fun LOL)

and another thing, our band will perform Umbrella(Cover) and Escapism (another cover) good luck to us again...


What's with this "PROJECTS"?!?!

So many projects to finish.... can't even finish my Filipino Project, my printer's ink dried out., I stepped outside to look for computer shops, but to make things worse, all of the shops are closed. And I'm having  recent headaches, and I can't sleep well. Aww... what's the problem with me?!?!?

I wonder where they put those projects after the teachers are done checking it........ I think I have an idea.....




Garbage Cans right?
tch.... they we're promoting the "Nature" theme during Foundation Days...
and they can't even realize it themselves... so it was just a logo on the back or front of the t-shirts, eh?
Didy'a know guys that millions or probably billions by now was cut for human need?
and less than half percent it gets replaced...
come on, like you guys know that already... I wonder how big sums I spend on projects, probably thousands.....

Schools should spend more time on these things:
>> Leadership Skills
>> Academic Performance
>> Random Activities
>> A More Constructive Way of  Developing the Students' Creativeness (w/out spending too much on bunch of papers and designs)
>> Development of Talents and Skills (should make the clubs more active)

and that's that lol I sound like a politician haha~!! ja matta ne~!!


Stalker?! O.o

Hm..... my band was supposed to practice our Umbrella Cover today, but unfortunately Juan (our guitarist) is sick, get well soon bro....

We had a test today... 3 tests.. (subjs. English, Social Studies, and Chemistry)
I didn't review at those three subjects. >>> a very lazy person LAWL.... though I didn't get to review I know I will manage to pass those three subjects ^_^ believe it or not xD

After finishing the English Test.... vacant~ yey~
and O_O gosh something appeared.... *walks* *the thing follows* *runs to the cafeteria* *the "THING" follows* *goes to the moon the" EFFING THING" still follows us*
give us a break man~ get lost already...
we tried to ditch that "thing" but it seems like we failed, so we decided to split the group in two, because I always get ticked off every time I look at that "thing's" face.... tae ka bakla ka ba? haha di namin kelangan ng egoist >_<

We went to this "so called" gym.... duh~
Our other classmates were playing "patintero" there... we sat on the metal "seats" on the corner.... tch....

Kyle and me talked about Valkyrie Profile at yung isa na OP lol =))

a few minutes later...
Ron arrived.... "something appears" O_O (Inner self: why the effin are you here again?!?!)
*trying so hard not to punch certain "something"*


Rey's not-so-lucky experience (peace) ^^v

Place: School
It was during our break, that was 8:30 am, Yron, Rey and me bought food on the cafeteria.
They bought barbecue, I don't have the mood for some "inihaw" that time so I decided to buy something else. (Usually we have the same "ulam" on our plates, I always say "If this is poisoned we'll die together" jokingly)
And I also bought a bottle of water, they usually buy their drinks after they finished their plates. (I barely drink soft drinks for some reasons)
I sat on our usual table during our morning break which was on the rightmost table in the center.
Kyle was with me, followed by Rey. Rey told me that a kid from the elementary department approached him and wants 10 bucks. Then I said "Hm?? did you know the kid?" "Hindi, Kapal nga ng mukha, feeling close?" then I gave him a puzzled smile... *enryuu's inner self: palagay ko anak nya toh (I think its his kid BWAHAHAH~!!)*
We ate and had the usual "kulitan", I asked them "San kaya nila nakuha yang toyo na yan? (trans: I wonder where'd they get the soy sauce)"
I always tell nasty things when we're eating, good thing they got used to it haha, 'coz during our first year, they get slow finishing the whole plate when I'm storytelling slasher movies (Die Teenager Movie Genre haha ex. Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so on and so forth)
Close to finishing our meals, a kid approached our table (the same kid who wanted 10 bucks) and has a plastic of biscuit in his hand and there's still a piece left inside that plastic. The kid said "Kuya sayo na lang (he was referring to Rey)"
Then I gave the kid a puzzled look, then looked at Yron and Rey. "Uhmm..."
So when Rey turned the kid's offer, the kid forcedly  puts the biscuit on Rey's plate.
And Rey, getting the kid's hands off his plate,
I noticed the kid wants the barbecue left on Rey's plate because he was trying to reach for it, but Rey was slapping off the kid's hands.
...seconds later....
The kid paused for a bit... grabbed the barbecue on a stick and runs away... (inner self: now that's something you don't get to see everyday...)
"Uhmm... Rey... Kilala mo ba yung batang yun?? (trans: Did you know that kid Rey??)"
"Hindi e" >> was in the middle of shock too, same for Yron
Yron and I thought he was a relative of Rey.... and us jokingly said "Anak mo ba yun? BWAHAHAH"
Rey with the look of disapproval and said "Ni hindi ko nga kilala yun"
"Bale, anak sa labas" I replied LOL~!!
ganun na ba kahirap and Pinas? *rofl*
I told them not to tell anyone about the story, haha, ^^v... though I'm telling it now (sorry guys)

around 8 am : English Class, we had a recitation... lalala~!! then after that, geometry then social... and lunch break hihi
we bought burgers xD....
just after lunch... Rey received a letter from someone...
I forgot the exact words... haha... as far as I can remember... its like this:

"Hi po, blahblahblah......
Pwede po ba tayong maging friends?...... fr. "Jasper""

uhm?? that's guy right? O_O
or is "he" a guy? did I mispelled it or something? someone tell me please? I beg ya~!!! O_O BWAHAHAHA~!!! (mapapatawa ako pamura)
so everybody in the class eventually made fun of Rey... so do I, but not that much ^^ '
I think I saw this Jasper when I was a freshman, he's always with Ate Lara and Erika... Lara transferred to HIMC (a school near ours) on our 2nd year

Poor Rey, he really had a bad day haha.... I can feel your pain.... uhmm... not really hihihihi~



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